FanWave BootCamp is a 5 part intensive course with over 45 videos to help bring artists into the digital age of music marketing.

Using Data and Algorithms, Tyler guides the students through how to leverage these powerful tools for massive growth online.

Learn from a Facebook Certified Media Buyer how to use a cutting edge marketing system to find your best fans on streaming sites.
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Hear The Word On The Street
Tyler was an crucial part of our online growth as an artist. We went from less than 1000 monthly listeners to over 25,000 in one month. We now have a constant stream of 12k to 15k monthly listeners on Spotify alone!
We Are The Flesh
I just finished day 1 and I would Highly Recommend buying this!  I was skeptical but wow Tyler really knows his stuff.
Rebel Buddha
Tyler's training gives us a chance to step back, break out of our artistic bubble for a while, and evaluate what we’re “doing” with our music once with release it. The information and strategies he offers with the course began to work for me within days.  
Tony Ramey
What's in the Course
Part 1- SEO and Registration
The backbone of all Marketing Strategies is always making sure you are easily found.  Day 1 is all about making sure all of your info is collected properly by search engines so when people search your Artist Name, you're easily found.  ($595 Value)
Part 2-Facebook ads 101
This section gives a detailed overview of Facebook and Instagrams most powerful tool,  Business Manager, as well as all the tools and optimizations that go with it. ($895 Value)
Part 3-The Spotify Algorithm
This is where we show the magic.  Exactly how we leverage the algorithmic data on facebook to trigger an algorithmic response on Spotify.($1269 Value)
Part 4- Social Media/Shows
Now that we have found our listeners, it's time capture them on social media.  We walk through how to leverage the audience that we have gained to keep our voice loud on Social sites. ($495 Value)
Part 5-Selling March
Our last module covers how to create a catalog of your merchandise on social sites so you can create campaigns to sell them! ($399 Value)
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