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What You'll Learn

An A to Z strategy using Spotify ads that's helped countless artist get millions of streams.

How Spotify's Algorithm Really Works! 

We will walk you through the actions that Spotify looks for before they add you to Discover Weekly AND the the things that they don't

Our Recipe for Success Ad Strategy

The core strategy of how we grow artists on Spotify by starting with a small ad spend with Spotify Ads (yes, you can run ads for less than $250 on Spotify. We'll show you how)

Optimize and Scale for Massive Growth

What to look for to make sure your results will get you on Discover Weekly and how to optimize for even greater success

Bonus #1

How Playlist Promoters Really Work

The strategy playlist promoters us to get you music in front of curators. We demystify with this easy to follow strategy so you'll never have to pay for playlist promotion again!

Bonus #2

Lifetime access to Part 1 of our 5 Part $1200 course 

Get a peak of under the hood of the course that's helped countless artists get millions of streams in 2019 without ever using playlist promotion. Some of them releases on Sony, Universal, and Spinnin.  
Ever wonder why your numbers always end up right back where you started at the end of every playlist promo or why you never end up on Discover Weekly?

Several years ago, a friend of mine in the Music Industry came to me with that exact question.  Knowing my past experiences in the music industry and my years of success as Digital Marketing Consultant, he figured I just may be able to crack the code... and we did.

After thousands of dollars in testing and scouring the internet for leaked info on exactly how Spotify's recommendation engine works, I built the system that became Fanwave Bootcamp.  Following it's release in 2019, Fanwave Bootcamp went on to help thousands of Artists get millions of streams.  

The reason playlists fail is simple, the listeners aren't paying attention. Spotify calls this passive listening. 

Why is this a problem?

Well, Spotify's Algorithm, The Recommendation Engine,  really only cares about two things, interest and association and if people aren't interacting with the platform, it can't collect the data to determine these two things. 

In the case of playlists, the majority of the time, people are listening to them while doing something else which means they aren't doing essential actions like, saving your song or following your profile. 

Our course goes into detail about exactly what The Recommendation Engine is looking for and how to target active listeners that perform the actions needed to get on those Algorithmic playlists.  

Our Spotify Growth Hacker System has simplified our 5 part $1200 course to one simple strategy using Spotify ads.  It's an easy to follow, no fluff strategy that almost anyone can implement.  Get it now and see how easy it is to finally get the streams you deserve. 

Real Artist Results

Real, verifiable artist results. This is more than just a course, it's a battle tested strategy with proven results. 

We Are The Flesh

Release Radar on day of Release

Discover Weekly on Week 2 of Release

66% of Streams are on Algorithmic Playlists

Averages nearly 60k streams a month on Algorithmic Playlists alone from using our strategy

Laney Tripp

Promoted using our system in October of 2019

7 months later, She is still averaging 600-1000 streams per day!

Results That Last

As long is people are still listening to your music, the algorithm keeps promoting it! This means a steady stream of listeners Long after you stop promoting it.

No promotion in over 2 years and still averages 1000 streams a day

No promotion in almost a year and still gets 700-1000 streams a day

Tyler Stout

Growth Hacker, Digital Marketing Consultant

Tyler Stout is known as one of the most sought after Internet Branding and Awareness Hackers in the Digital Marketing Community. He is famous for building massive awareness for brands, artists and personalities that were previously unknown without spending thousands of dollars on large scale marketing campaigns.

Tyler has worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies including BMW and the For Dummies book series as well as multiple Artists and  Celebrities.   In the past 2 years alone, he has consulted on over $50 millions in paid media advertising. 

What Artists are Saying:

We Are The Flesh

Tyler was an crucial part of our online growth as an artist. We went from less than 1000 monthly listeners to over 25,000 in one month. We now have a constant stream of 40k to 55k monthly listeners on Spotify alone!


Joe Pahlow

Tony Ramey

Tyler's training gives us a chance to step back, break out of our artistic bubble for a while, and evaluate what we’re “doing” with our music once with release it. The information and strategies he offers with the course began to work for me within days
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